4. Home prices are reasonable in the us

4. Home prices are reasonable in the us

Family pricing in a lot of United states city elements is actually reasonable when compared so you’re able to main areas of most other internationally cities. Such, inside a fairly costlier You town like Bay area, for every single square meter out of home-based a property can cost you $5,890 versus $26,262 into the London (UK), $twenty-eight,570 inside the Hong-kong (China), $ten,947 during the Toronto (Canada), $10,932 for the Mumbai (India), an such like. (Source: National Relationship away from Real estate professionals)

As compared to other countries such Australia otherwise Canada, home loan costs & home values keeps usually become far lower in america, making it less expensive to own H1B charge workers who want to pick a home in the us.

5. Home ownership can be lesser v/s Leasing into H1B charge

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Finally, it’s always cheaper to possess a home rather than rent.