4. Home values is affordable in the usa

4. Home values is affordable in the usa

House cost in lots of United states city section try lower when put next so you can central regions of other around the world towns. Such as for example, even in a fairly costlier United states urban area including San francisco bay area, for every single rectangular meter from home-based a home will cost you $5,890 as compared to $26,262 for the London (UK), $twenty eight,570 into the Hong-kong (China), $10,947 inside Toronto (Canada), $ten,932 in Mumbai (India), an such like. (Source: Federal Organization off Real estate agents)

Compared to the different countries such as for example Australia otherwise Canada, home loan cost & home prices enjoys usually been far lower in the us, it is therefore less expensive to own H1B visa specialists who wish to buy a house in the us.

5. Home ownership are reduced v/s Renting towards H1B charge

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Finally, it is usually reduced to have a home than to book. You should use the monthly lease money to the building guarantee during the an appreciating house that’s your perfect domestic in america. To invest in property is additionally beneficial regarding a good investment direction as the it will help create wealth over the years.